Gordon Ripley retirement

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Most of you will be aware that in July 2022 I spent some time in
Cheltenham Hospital after suffering a severe reaction to the
commencement of my Chemotherapy treatment. I’m told that I was a bit
lucky to get away with my life. When I returned home I was virtually
unable to walk.

However, I have been able to complete my Chemo treatment and have made a
fairly good recovery and am able to do many things that I thought were
beyond me. My consultant tells me that the Chemo was successful.

Unfortunately, those things that I’m able to do don’t include standing
for long periods of time, and certainly not three or seven hours. I have
sadly come to the conclusion that I won’t be able to umpire anymore and
will have to retire.

I can’t really complain after 47 seasons (I had hoped to get to 50!),
about 1600 matches on about 270 different grounds. Not bad for a fairly
incompetent but very enthusistic player.

Most importantly, I have loved (almost!) every minute of it and I hope
that I have helped a number of players to enjoy their game. All good
things must come to an end.

Please accept my retirement from all the various panels.

Yours, in cricket