Expenses and Reimbursements

Attention ex-GACUS members: Please check that you have cancelled your annual standing order for your GACUS membership. There are a number of members that are still paying us £8 per year. We’ve had 17 so far in 2024!

Current summary

ItemLatest informationAs at
WEPLExpenses for weeks 1-6 have been paid this evening.
Could JH please check your email, as payment refused by your bank.
21st June
2024 ClaimsTo be made via GACO Expenses claim form online on at least a monthly basis.
This form is now fixed and has been reactivated – sorry for any inconvenience caused.
31st May

GACO Finance Subcommittee
(last updated 21st June)

Appointment expenses 2024 season

The online Expenses claim form is now live.

Payments for League matches will follow the pattern from last year (WEPL in 6-week batches, BDCA/GCCL in 9-week batches). Payments for Non-League matches will be in two blocks, the first around mid-season, the second at the end of the season.

The actual timing of these payments will depend firstly on claims being submitted on time – any late claims will have to wait until the next batch of payments is scheduled. The requirement for claims to be submitted on at least a monthly basis does not mean that payments will be similarly made monthly – submitting regularly will allow for reconciliation to be more accurate and timely, thus speeding up the invoicing process.

Note: Before claiming for any particular match, check on WTU – If, after the match, a fixture has an ‘Expenses claim’ link, it is essential that you use this link. As a guide, matches in competitions which have ECB, Vitality, Royal London, or BUCS in their description may fall into this category – but this will depend on the exact stage of the competition.

Expenses for the following organisations should be paid on the day of the fixture, so no GACO claim is required:

  • Seniors/veterans (except ’50plus’ ECB)
  • County Cup and County Trophy
  • Tony Hitch Trophy
  • Bateman Trophy
  • Club friendlies
  • Cheltenham College
  • Dean Close School
  • Wycliffe College
  • Sir Thomas Rich’s School
  • Gloucestershire University

Expenses for matches in the Varistha T20 competition are being handled by Varistha.

Competition rates (2024)

CompetitionDuesFrequency of paymentClaim Form?
ECB competitions & matches,
Royal London
Should be direct from
ECB – check WTU
via WTU link
WEPL (Tiers1-3)£75In 6-week batchesYes – Monthly
WEPL (Women’s matches)£60In 6-week batchesYes – Monthly
WEPL T20£60In 6-week batchesYes – Monthly
B&D League£45Mid-season and end of seasonYes – Monthly
Gloucestershire County League£45Mid-season and end of seasonYes – Monthly
Cheltenham Midweek Varistha£35Paid on the dayNo
(Except ’50plus’ ECB)
TBCPaid on the dayNo
County Cup
County Trophy
TBCPaid on the dayNo
Tony Hitch Trophy
Bateman Trophy
TBCPaid on the dayNo
Cheltenham College,
Dean Close School,
Wycliffe College,
Sir Thomas Rich’s School,
Gloucestershire University
£30 (T20)
£45 (>20)
Paid on the dayNo
Bristol University,
Bath University,
SGS College
Village Cup£45Paid on the dayNo
Club friendliesn/kPaid on the dayNo
Other games (T20’s)£30Mid-season and end of seasonYes
Other games (Not T20’s)£45Mid-season and end of seasonYes