Expenses and Reimbursements

Attention ex-GACUS members: Please check that you have cancelled your annual standing order for your GACUS membership. There are a number of members that are still paying us £8 per year. We’ve had 4 so far in 2024!

Current summary

ItemLatest informationAs at
2023 ClaimNon-GCCC fixtures (GCF girls/women/disability, BUCS, Colleges, etc).
All claims now settled now in full (last claim paid 2nd Jan)
12th Dec
2023 ClaimGCCC fixtures (County Boys and GCCC 1st/2nd XI).
All claims now settled in full (last claim paid 2nd Jan).
21st Dec
BDCAMonies received for weeks 10-18 and expenses distributed 11th Oct.
(last expenses paid 13th Jan)
11th Oct

2023 claim forms are now settled

Happy New Year! The GCCC monies have now cleared in the distribution account, so this year’s claim forms have now been paid in full.

GACO Finance Subcommittee
(last updated 24th January)

Competition rates (2023)

CompetitionDuesFrequency of paymentClaim Form?
WEPL (Tiers1-3)£75Paid automatically every 6/8 weeksNo
WEPL (Women’s matches)£60Paid automatically every 6/8 weeksNo
B&D League£45Paid automatically every 6/8 weeksNo
B&D Cup£25Paid on the dayNo
Gloucestershire County League£45Paid automatically every 6/8 weeksNo
Cheltenham Midweek£35To be claimed at end of competitionYes
Somerset League£50Paid automatically every 6/8 weeksNo
University and College matchesSee belowYes
Village Cup£45Paid on the dayNo
Other games (T20’s)£30By claim at end of seasonYes
Other games (Not T20’s)£45By claim at end of seasonYes

University Payments

Please see message below from John Lindley in relation to umpires standing in University games at Bristol, Bath, UWE and SSG College.

“After the problems last year with expense payment process for some Bristol University, Bath University, UWE and SSG College matches, it has been agreed that to avoid a repeat of the problems GACO will invoice these organisations and pay umpires for the matches that they stood in via claims at the end of the season.

The universities have been asked advise people appointed to their matches to send an e-mail after the game to GACO at – treasurer@gaco.org.ok – to minimise the inevitable number of questions about ‘who did what and when’ when claims are submitted.”