Gloucestershire Umpire and Scorer Training Courses

Our Umpire and Scorer Training Courses run during the winter & spring time before the new cricket season begins –

Everyone is welcome at these courses. But, for those who prefer it, we also run courses specifically for women and girls wishing to take up cricket umpiring.

Below you will find four sets of courses:

  • For Introduction to Umpiring Courses
  • For ECBACO Training Courses, Stages 1 and 2
  • For Introduction to umpiring for women and girls
  • For training courses for scorers

We hope you will find a course that suits your needs and wishes, whether you are just interested in learning a bit about the laws of cricket and how they are applied in practice, whether you umpire or score for your local club or whether your ambition is to umpire or score matches between the top league teams.

But we don’t just deliver the courses and then leave you to sink or swim. We have one of the best programmes in the country to support you as you start or build your umpiring and scoring career. Our experienced umpires and scorers are available to provide personal mentoring and support. Regular seminars, discussions and social events are also held to stay abreast of the laws of cricket and share experiences and challenges with colleagues and, if you wish to officiate at increasingly senior levels, you will find active support for progressing to whatever level your interest and abilities allows.